Optimal Health 7-Day Reset

A Quickstart Weight Loss and Hormone Balance Challenge

Join a fast and easy 7-Day Reset:

  • Reset your main metabolic hormones

  • Stop inflammation in its tracks

  • Kick the sugar cravings

  • Naturally detoxify and burn fat

This Reset is for YOU if...

  • You're frustrated with a lack of weight loss results

  • You're craving sugar, alcohol, coffee, bread and carbs

  • You have stubborn belly fat that you just can’t get rid of!

  • You’re overwhelmed and need/want result now!

Too Busy, Too Stressed, Not Enough Time…

There are always reason to wait to take your health into your own hands, reasons to say no, reasons to not put yourself FIRST!

But the truth is: you deserve a quick reset and re-balance to reach optimal health.

Your coach at Carbon Elevation and the The 7-Day Reset can help you get started with easy directions delivered to your email daily.

Do you have any of the following symptoms? If yes, this program is for you:

  • You feel stressed or anxious a lot of the time

  • You feel “foggy”

  • You are always craving sugar, alcohol, coffee, carbs

  • You struggle sticking with a diet

  • You have trouble sleeping or insomnia

  • You feel run down or low/no energy

  • You have stubborn belly fat

  • You feel bloated

What Does the 7-Day Reset Include?

This is all about easy, simple and effective changes.  

  • 6 days PREP using our Quickstart Guide and a private Facebook Community.

  • We start Reset-Day 1 after the 6 days of prep with all seven food eliminations - necessary to detox fast and balance your hormones.

  • Each day you'll get a daily email and motivational tips.

  • A Quick Start Guide, a Meal Plan Guide, a Cheat Sheet, a Nutrition & Health Coach, a Facebook Community to support you, and more.

  • You don’t have to buy any supplements, but some will be suggested throughout the Reset.

Get ready to take control of your health & hormones! Reset to burn stubborn belly fat, beat stress, better sleep and boost energy in just 7 days.

Our 7-Day Detox calendar:

After Enrolling

  • You will receive an informational email on how to get started and how to join the Private Facebook Group

Prep Phase (6 days)

  • Prepare your kitchen/pantry and mind for the Reset

Detox Phase (Day-1 starts in 7 Days of enrolling)

  • Begin the 7-Day Reset

  • Finish the Reset in 7 days

Reintroduction Phase

  • Reintroduce foods (if you choose to)

  • Enjoy your new journey to optimal health

  • Celebrate your weight loss, energy gains, better sleep and successes

Join now - Optimal Health 7 Day Reset