How Do You Measure Progress?

There are many ways to measure progress...

Photo by Cameron Kirby on Unsplash

including some you might not expect.

Imagine you've already changed

That’s right.  

You wake up tomorrow morning with everything you've ever wanted.

Every life change, every goal, everything you’ve ever wanted is yours!

Now answer a question:

How will you know that your life has changed? Which things are different?

What is "progress"?

When you are going somewhere, how do you know when you arrive?

And how do you know that you’re on track to your destination?

Carbon Elevation Coaching focuses on three important measures of progress:

  • Body composition: How much lean mass and body fat do you have?

  • Health: Your digestive system is running smoothly, your brain is clear of fog, your hormones are balanced.

  • Fitness and athletic performance: How do you perform in the gym or in your chosen activities?

In other words: How do you look, feel, and perform?

On your measurement days, we ask for body weight, body girths, and photos. While these numbers are helpful, they’re only a small part of what you’ll improve with Coaching.

For instance, using the three measures of progress above, you might also improve:

  • strength

  • your health profile (e.g., triglycerides, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugars, thyroid markers)

  • speed

  • work capacity

  • recovery

  • immune system

You’re here for your own reasons.

Your Coaching journey — and your body — is unique.

What counts as "progress" to you will be different than what determines "progress" for someone else.

Track other kinds of progress

It’s hard to see your “progress” because you see yourself every day.

But you can easily measure other types of progress, depending on your goals:

  • Can you lift 5-10 pounds more today than you could last month?

  • Can you run 3 minutes longer than you could last week?

  • Have you been virus-free this year — after getting 6 colds last year?

  • Has your blood pressure gone down from your last check?

For instance, here’s what some of our previous clients said improved:

  • “My posture is better.”

  • “I’m so much happier on the inside.”

  • “I’ve become a better parent.”

  • “I feel healthy.”

  • “I feel confident in my food decisions.”

  • “I’m more organized.”

  • “I'm stronger…inside and out.”

  • “I’m determined.”

  • “I'm more focused.”

Going through this program I discovered that I handle stress differently!

These things are less measurable... but our clients noticed and felt them anyway.

Assess what's important to YOU

Health Coaching is YOUR journey. So track what's important and meaningful to YOU.

Ask yourself:

  • What will tell me that I am getting better at doing what I want to do?

  • How do I know I'm on track to my goals?

  • If I get what I want, how will I know?

Look for progress everywhere

Keep an open mind, and stay aware of how you are “feeling”.  Notice what may be different with you since you started.

Source: Precision Nutrition