Happy Gut & Better Digestion this Thanksgiving

Here goes...Thanksgiving! Is there anything better than getting together with family and friends around a table filled with the best foods? Turkey, sweet potatoes, and desserts that are bound to wreck havoc on your gut and your blood sugar.

Holidays with the family can be hard to navigate for those who have gut issues. I know what that piece of pie is going to do to me, I know how I am going to feel. But one little bite won't hurt, right?!?! Actually, if you are like me that one bite might cause me to regret it later. But I do it anyway, in fact I eat the whole piece.

The holidays are tricky to navigate, but there are a few things that I do to have a healthier, happy gut at the end of the day.

Start your day of right.

Have a good breakfast filled with fiber, veggies, and protein to balance blood sugar and get your metabolism going so you are not starving by the time the big meal rolls around.

Drink bone broth.

A cup of bone broth in the morning is great for healing the gut. 

Take digestive enzymes.

Before the big meal take digestive enzymes or add bitters to soda water to help stimulate stomach acid production and improve digestion of all the heavy foods and to reduce gas and bloating.

De-stress before going into the holiday.

For an introvert, having all the food choices and being surrounded by a house full of family can be exhausting. Set up your intentions for the day, note what you are grateful for. Stress can mess with your digestion, so try to go into it with a clear head and know when you need to step away from the crazy hectic to take time for yourself. Enjoy a walk outside in the cool fall air. Try some Full Spectrum Hemp from Peak Performance Hemp to achieve a sense of calm.

So now you are armed with information about how to survive Thanksgiving! Being aware is half the battle. Making small lifestyle changes will help you through the day. Try it and see for yourself!

In health,

Your coach Deanna

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