5 Steps to Master Meal Prep

Here's how to have healthy food ready when you need it.

Most people working with Carbon Elevation already know what a healthy, balanced meal looks like. But I have been getting a lot of questions about how do you consistently eat healthy, balanced meals?

You know, like “I got home late, after working long hours, then my kids are starving!” Or “I am so busy in the morning taking care of everyone else in my family, I forget to eat myself.”

(Yeah, true story. I am talking about me.).

With the following meal prep strategies, you will always have healthy food ready when you need it. You will have a fridge full of quick, healthy options to choose from, even as life continues to rush by.

  • Step 1 - Look ahead for those busy days that you know you won’t have time to prepare a healthy meal. This step allows us to know which days you will need a pre-prepped meal.

  • Step 2 - Create a menu. Write down some ideas for pre-prepped meals, takes about 15 minutes or less.

  • Step 3 - Shop! Get to the store to buy your ingredients needed for meal prep.

  • Step 4 - Clean, chop, and cook for the week. Prep and cook the time consuming ingredients. (meats, veggies, etc.) Clean and chop veggies and fruits for quick access.

  • Step 5 - Store it in convenient packaging. Placing food in clear containers (I love glass) makes it easy to see what is available for you.

Start slow, and do what works for you! With a little practice you will be a meal prep expert in no time!

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