Education & Certifications
  • Bachelors of Science, Registered Nursing

  • Member of American Cannabis Nurse Association

  • Member of Cannabis Nurses Network

  • Precision Nutrition, Level 1

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach



  • Pelvic Health Course For Women 

  • Medical Cannabis Curriculum For Nurses  

  • Potential Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabidiol for Cancer Patients 

  • Clinical Applications of Cannabis in Cancer Patients

My Mission


Carbon Elevation was created as a way to inspire others to live life elevated.  Combining my love for wellness, adventure, nutrition, and cannabis with my experience of 12 years in health care as a Registered Nurse I bring to you Nurse Consulting, to help you reach optimal health.

Meet Deanna

Deanna Mautz, BSN RN

Nurse Consultant

Cannabis Advocate, Educator, Consultant

Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach

I'm a Registered Nurse, BSN.  A few years ago I was feeling drained and frustrated. I was quickly approaching 40 years old, and dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.  I knew I needed to make a change.  I was dedicated to turning my own health around, learning to love life and myself again, and being the role-model to my 2 girls that they deserved.  


My Story

The greatest part of being a nurse is being able to educate and empower others to live their best life, to be a part of their health journey.  


It was about 6 years into my career as a nurse when my family was hit with a cancer diagnosis.  Not once, but twice. First my mother in law, second my dad. And the medication that was prescribed wasn’t working.  It wasn’t working for my dad diagnosed with cancer, and it wasn’t working for me as the caretaker. It was not providing relief to pain, nausea, sleep issues, stress/anxiety.  


I had heard about the benefits of cannabis as medicine and I started researching the medicinal benefits.  And when you become desperate for relief, you open your eyes and mind to things you never thought you would be open to.

Fortunately my mother in law was open to trying cannabis to relieve her symptoms.  I talked with my dad and his Oncologist about using medical marijuana/cannabis to relieve some of those symptoms.   Oncologist was on board, unfortunately my dad was not. He didn’t want to spend his last days “high”, even though he was highly sedated/intoxicated/hallicinating from pain meds that weren’t even working.  It took some work on my part to educate and empower him to decide to try a CBD tincture that helped his symptoms without having the “high” feeling. I finally got to see him sleep, without so much pain. 


And that is that path that led me to I become a Cannabis Nurse Consultant. 

Now I am making it my life’s work to help more people, just like you, to reach optimal health.

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